• Bank Guarantee

  • Seasoned MTN ISIN

  • Platform Request

  • Large energy projects bank guarantee

  • Micro Cap Program

  • SBLC Moetization.

All above programs are ONLY for the savvy investor, and only for entities who have real proof of funds NOT rented or paid for ones. All programs are only accepted on a case by case basis and MUST be booked online and paid in full!

Please Note: As of July 1st, 2018 ALL products listed on this page or large projects that ask for MORE than One Million dollars ($1M) are subject to a mandatory 3.5% Consultancy Fee Retainer (flat fee if lower than $1MBEFORE working on their request, non-refundable. Investor is investing at THEIR own risk and BWealthy Inc is NOT accountable for their investment in any way shape or form, upon deposit and NDA notarized signature, YOU the investor understand coherently what you are investing in.